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Layou Vocational School was started by Pastor Noel Clarke in Layou, St. Vincent about 20 years ago. His goal was to provide vocational training for teenagers throughout the island. Many of the students had difficulty with High School and were not able to continue through to a university education. This school prepares the student to enter the workforce and be self-sufficient in years to come.
Over time the original metal structure became unusable. Two years ago the school was closed, but God graciously provided for it to be rebuilt and during this past year the building is completed.
This school is a great benefit to the teenagers of St. Vincent. Pastor Noel Clarke holds a very close personal relationship with the Ministry of Education. They fully endorse the school and pay for salaries for the teachers. The school is a strong blessing to the community.
The problem was that the school could not be held until school desks became available. Last June GEMS located desks and in cooperation with Seeds International shipped them from Alberta in August. The used desks were free, but shipping cost $8400.
To get the desks to the school as quickly as possible, we shipped the container before the funds were raised.
Please consider helping with this need.

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