Sewing in Guatemala

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Our recent shipment to Guatemala contained boxes of fabric and notions as well as sewing machines for use at Casa Esparanza. Recently a team from Kindersley, Saskatchewan went to help at the home for rescued and orphaned children. Janea, daughter of the home directors shared this report:

This past week we had a team come down from Canada. On that team was a lady named Ramona who came down to teach all the older girls of Casa Esperanza sewing. It was truly a blessing to have her come down and teach the girls something that could be used in future as a way to earn money. They still have lots to learn, but they pick up fast and have learned a lot in the past week. The project they made was a bag to put all their sewing supplies in . All the supplies were given from Ramona and her church. It was a long process as the girls picked out material and used there creativity to decorate their bag . They are very proud of the work they did , and are really blessed to get know and spend time with Ramona . While she was here , we all had lots of laughs and in the end some tears as it is always hard to get to know someone who is truly amazing and then say goodbye. I enjoyed spending more time with the girls as they sewed every morning and afternoon for a week . I was also sewing , and Romana was teaching me a bit more how to read patterns so that i could teach the girls when she is gone. I also helped her translate when she needed me, but most of the time she did really good with the girls in comunicating with them. I was really impressed with her openess and her patience she had with each and everyone of the girls. I included some photos of the girls and there bags .

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