World news is too rarely good and over time we may either become numb to the needs around us or so overwhelmed by them that we simply turn away. From time to time, out of a desire to help or simple guilt, we may send some money to some face-less organization, all the time wondering how much of it will be spent on administration and distribution and how much will actually benefit suffering people.

It was late in 2003 when some residents of Langley, British Columbia happened to be discussing crisis situations in the Ukraine. A few of them had witnessed the effects of disaster and extreme poverty firsthand. As the conversation progressed, the uncomfortable questions rose to the surface: Is there anything we can do? And would anything we do really make a difference?

From that meeting of ordinary people, Global Emergency Mission Society (GEMS) was born.

GEMS is an organization of ordinary people who believe that ordinary people do make a difference when they work together. Committed to bringing relief to people hurt by both poverty and disasters, we gather and facilitate the distribution of humanitarian goods (such as blankets, clothing, food, medical supplies, housing and construction equipment) to the places of need around the world.

GEMS believes that people who live and work in areas of need have the greatest understanding of how and where aid can best be distributed. Partnering with established and reputable individuals and organizations at home and around the world enables us to get much needed resources to the people who really need them as quickly and efficiently as possible without excessive administrative and distribution costs.

Our central warehouse in Langley, British Columbia is supplied by collection centres in smaller towns and cities. When large quantities of resources are available, we can ship from anywhere in the world to anywhere else.

Over the years, we have shipped over 70 containers of much needed supplies to 17 countries in five continents. In addition we have supplied clothing, food and resources to refugees, the homeless and the needy within our own borders.

Global Emergency Missions Society is registered in Victoria, BC and has charity status with Canada Revenue Agency. It is operated on a volunteer basis and is supported by freewill gifts and donations.

“When you help the poor you are lending to the Lord – and he pays wonderful interest on your loan!” Proverbs 19:17 LB