Container arrives in Tanzania

In recent years GEMS has partnered with the “One Person Project” and Director Brenda Lowe in sending several containers to the Muvuma orphanage and local hospital in Kahama Tanzania.

Beyond the basic needs the children of the orphanage were overwhelmed and excited when they received their new soccer balls and uniforms. We are currently raising funds to finish construction of the larger orphanage so that more children can be helped.

In mid January 2015 the most recent container arrived in Kahama. It was filled with clothing, shoes, sportswear, medical supplies, educational and construction material, and more.

Muvuma almost ready for the roof

Muvuma almost ready for the roof

Soccer balls and uniforms for schools

Soccer balls and uniforms for schools

Unloading container in Kahama

Unloading container in Kahama

Muvuma almost ready for the roof

Muvuma almost ready for the roof

Beds for Kahama Hospital

Beds for Kahama Hospital

Report from Daniel Sladariu – Romania

We received a report from Daniel Sladariu in Romania of a container that GEMS sent from the Langley depot to Ploiestei Romania.  The container was received in 2014 by Dan Sladariu of Fundatia Samanteanul Milos Foundation.

“We have been busy this two weeks unloading & distributing the container. In the town of Plopeni, the Senior’s Home which we are Partners with received enough soup mix to last them one year. Boldesti Gypsy village. These people are very poor. Seventy five children are being fed a good meal each school day, and their grades are improving as a result of not being too hungry to pay attention! Very much thanks to you and appreciation for what you are doing for their village!

Valeni de Munte village received a big share of supplies. There are many large and poor families there. The Baptists who have an orphanage with fifty abandoned children are so grateful that you are helping them every month to feed all the hungry mouths, and clothe these dear children. This work has been going for several years and is made possible by your supplies of food, clothing, medicines, educational materials and many other goods.

Alin Panea – director of the Broshten Orphanage of 100 children is our Partner. They received some supplies from another charity, and shared nearly a ton of rice with us. Thus, we are able to include rice, vegetable, & meat with our daily meals for multitudes of very needy children!

Marcel – Director of Our Home for Abandoned Senior’s says a special thanks for the woolen, knitted slippers!

What a blessing for these seniors to have warm feet!”

Daniel Sladariu

slippers orphan

Thrilled Romanians Receive Food and Supplies

Smiling-childrenIt is hard to express the joy of seeing the smiling faces of children who have received a hot meal where there is not much else for them to smile about.
Last September we sent a container from our Langley depot to help an orphanage in Romania. The children were not the only ones to be blessed with warm food and clothing, seniors and many others benefited from this shipment
The container arrived in time to distribute the warm clothing before the on set of very cold weather. It came to the town of Ploiesti, Romania; this is about half hour drive north of the capital city Bucharest. From there it was distributed to several communities in the area for seniors homes, orphanages, hospitals, homeless and to families in need.
This container is part of an ongoing effort in the area by GEMS through several ministries to bring relief to the motherless and the widows, seeing to the needs of those that have very little.

unloading  seniors-home orphans orphanage-unloading making-soup homeless-seniors


Trip to El Salvador Nov/Dec 2012

On November 21, 2012 Indridi Kristjansson, Darcy Dube, Clifford Holloway, Ida Hernandez and Frank Malina traveled to Central America to minister and help distribute the goods that were shipped from Langley mid-October 2012.

They landed in Costa Rica to visit with friends and churches for the first week. They traveled in the vicinity of San Jose, participated in a pastor’s conference and met with a Christian Senator to be part of a prayer meeting in the Senate chambers.

Following the visit to Costa Rica they flew to San Salvador in El Salvador and drove to Jiquilisco where the spent the remainder of their trip. Here they participated in several services and helped with the distribution of clothing, sports and medical equipment.

Pastor Douglas Rivera, the person responsible to receive the containers in El Salvador, was very grateful for the donations and the help that Indridi and others provided in the distribution as well as the ministry. Also, the mayor of Jiquilisco, David Barahona, came to thank the team for their support and the help received from GEMS Canada and KHMI and presented them with a plaque.

Children receive soccer balls and cleats

Team receives presentation from Mayor

Darcy, Indi & Pastor Douglas

Container to Guatemala

GEMS has assisted Evangel Pentecostal Church in Kelowna for several years in sending a container to Guatemala. The church loaded the container on August 9th in Kelowna, it was loaded in under 2 hours in order to facilitate a quick turn around. The shipment will he

ad to the William Cornelius Training Centre in Guatemala City and will be used by the Child Care Plus outreach and the vocational training centre for young men and women looking for a better life.

Included in this shipment are 85 bicycles, 6 barrels of food (42,000 meals) from the Okanagan Gleaners, household items for the orphanage, books for the school, as well as blankets and clothing.

The shipment was to leave Vancouver harbour on August 18, 2012 and the estimated arrival time in Guatemala is early September.

Ministering in El Salvador

The team has been travelling throughout El Salvador and is set to return in the next few days. They have spent time speaking at various churches and seeing first hand some of the hard hit areas from the flooding in the past month. The container that was sent ahead of them was held up for a few days but has been released and is being distributed, the team is assisting in those efforts.

They had the opportunity to go to the Mayor’s office in the town of Jiquilisco, El Salvador and speak with the Mayor, the council and a number of city workers. Pastor Darcy Dube and pastor Douglas spoke with the Mayor who was very appreciative of the help that was given.

Team set to leave for El Salvador

Loading the container for El Salvador

Kingdom Harvest Ministries in connection with GEMS are taking a group of church leaders from Spanish congregations in the Lower Mainland BC to El Salvador on Monday November 21, 2011. The team will be assisting the distribution of a container filled with humanitarian aid that left the GEMS depot in Langley on the 1st of November and has recently arrived in the port city of Acajutla. This trip is in response to the recent crisis in El Salvador caused by the heavy rains and flooding.

The team will travel throughout El Salvador to minister in various cities as well as a three day visit in Guatemala.

They will return on December 4th, 2011 and we will post pictures and stories of the great things God is doing in this area.

Sewing in Guatemala

Our recent shipment to Guatemala contained boxes of fabric and notions as well as sewing machines for use at Casa Esparanza. Recently a team from Kindersley, Saskatchewan went to help at the home for rescued and orphaned children. Janea, daughter of the home directors shared this report:

This past week we had a team come down from Canada. On that team was a lady named Ramona who came down to teach all the older girls of Casa Esperanza sewing. It was truly a blessing to have her come down and teach the girls something that could be used in future as a way to earn money. They still have lots to learn, but they pick up fast and have learned a lot in the past week. The project they made was a bag to put all their sewing supplies in . All the supplies were given from Ramona and her church. It was a long process as the girls picked out material and used there creativity to decorate their bag . They are very proud of the work they did , and are really blessed to get know and spend time with Ramona . While she was here , we all had lots of laughs and in the end some tears as it is always hard to get to know someone who is truly amazing and then say goodbye. I enjoyed spending more time with the girls as they sewed every morning and afternoon for a week . I was also sewing , and Romana was teaching me a bit more how to read patterns so that i could teach the girls when she is gone. I also helped her translate when she needed me, but most of the time she did really good with the girls in comunicating with them. I was really impressed with her openess and her patience she had with each and everyone of the girls. I included some photos of the girls and there bags .

Blessing Guatemala

Kim Weiler of Fe Viva World Missions share this report from Guatamala:

We had a community blessing day November 23rd. About 200 people were blessed
with clothing, shoes, food and prayer during what we call “Community
blessing day” at Fe Viva.  It was a lot of fun and a lot of blessing to many
very poor families.

Earthquake Victims Say Thank You

After receiving food, clothing, toys, shoes, household goods and medical supplies, residents of El Monte, Chile show their gratitude to their friends in Canada!

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