Philippines Crisis

We have been able to reach our contact in the Philippines by phone this week. Pastor Chirs Barrios lives in Manila but his family is from one of the hardest hit cities, Tacloban. With the death toll in the country there are not many people who have not been affected with the loss of family members; Pastor Chirs is no exception. It is with great sorrow that we report he has lost 13 family members in the disaster.

He is currently in Tacloban to assist the remaining family members and to help others where he can. We have received an urgent request from Pastor Chris for aid. These are people who have lost everything and are in great sorrow. We are collecting money to send to Pastor Chris for immediate needs and we are also working on a container to send in the next few weeks. Keep in mind that the Government of Canada has pledged to give dollar for dollar for every donation received before December 9, 2013.

We need blankets, non-pershiable food items, construction material, construction tools, personal care items (soap, shampoo, toothpaste/toothbrushes, diapers etc.) The fees of shipping a container to the Philippines is $25,000.00. This includes shipping it to the Philippians, moving it to the final destination, Tacloban and to aquire the needed items to fill the container. Our intention is to send several containers in the coming months, our immediate need is for money to make this all happen. We have provided an option on the web site to donate and you can send a checque or money order to GEMS 2870 Crossley Drive, Abbotsford BC V2T 5H3.

For futher information on how you can help please e-mail us at



In need of clothing and shoes

We are in need of clothing donations. We have worked out a deal with a trucking company who is willing to pick-up donations from various cities throughout British Columbia.

What we are looking for are individuals or groups who are willing to help collect clothing and package them up so that a pick-up can be arranged and delivered to our Langley depot.

If you are able and willing to take an active part in this incredible organization we would love to hear from you. We will help you get started and make all the arrangements for the collection and delivery to Langley.

Please contact us by e-mail:

Indi Kristjansson set to travel to Costa Rica

Indi will be leaving on Wednesday, February 29 for an 11 day trip to Costa Rica; he will be traveling with Darcey Dube of Kingdom Harvest Ministries. The purpose of the trip will be to participate in a regional conference, meet with regional directors and to minster in various places in the country. As he travels the country he will be able to gather firsthand information on the needs in Costa Rica and make vital contacts with those who need humanitarian aid.

Costa Rica

Update on Romania container

The container we sent to Romania and was held up in customs due to medical equipment regulations has been re-routed to Moldova a small country to the north east of Romania and is expected to arrive on Monday February, 27. After a lot of paper work and many phone calls it seems to be near completion. It will be received in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

Container Troubles in Romania

A container that was sent on October 27, 2011 has been delayed due to custom regulations in Romania. It was to go to Crihalma (Brasov region) for Albert Enns. It arrived in early January and was due to clear customs by the 9th. However, upon arrival we were made aware of new import rules concerning medical equipment.

Two weeks ago we were given the choices to either destroy the equipment, have the container sent back to Canada or find another country to take the supplies. Given the cost of these choices we have decided to send it to Cahul in Moldova, a small country bordering Romania. Currently it is in the port city of Constanta, Romania and we are hoping that it will be released tomorrow, (February, 3).

This is an example of some of the many problems that can arise when shipping containers overseas. The cost is not limited to the shipment but can run thousands of dollars over in these cases. Please continue to pray that the doors will be open for this one to make it safely to a place it can be used. Our next container will also be sent to Romania, pray that it will not experience the troubles of our latest shipment.
constanta, port city of romania

Central America Devastated by Torrential Rain

The wrath of Mother Nature ripped through Central America in October, as torrential rains, landslides and flooding killed at least 105 people.
El Salvador and Guatemala were the hardest hit, while Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica suffered extensive damage to homes, roads and crops.

Road washed out

Regional meteorologists reported that as much as 120 centimeters (47 inches) of rain accumulated in the past week in some areas – three times the monthly average for the season. More than 700,000 people in Central America have been displaced by weather-related events so far in October.
tico times

The following link is for a Youtube video, unfortunately it is in Spanish but you can see what has happened and how devestated the region has become.

Central American Flooding Video

Many rivers overflowed their banks

GEMS will respond to this humanitarian crisis but we need your help. There are immediate needs in this region and we are going to send several containers. Each container we send costs $10,000 and we want to raise enough to send two as soon as possible.

email GEMS

Global Emergency Missions Society
c/o Indridi Kristjánsson, Director
2870 Crossley Drive
Abbotsford, BC
V2T 5H3

Needs in Chile and Haiti

When earthquakes struck Haiti and Chile last year, GEMS was able to send much needed supplies. As time passes, the attention of the world drifts, but dire needs still remain. We’ve been asked to send a container to each country. All the goods have been donated and collected. We are waiting for partners to finance the transportation. We need $7000 for each container, a total of $14,000.

Desks for St. Vincent

Layou Vocational School was started by Pastor Noel Clarke in Layou, St. Vincent about 20 years ago. His goal was to provide vocational training for teenagers throughout the island. Many of the students had difficulty with High School and were not able to continue through to a university education. This school prepares the student to enter the workforce and be self-sufficient in years to come.
Over time the original metal structure became unusable. Two years ago the school was closed, but God graciously provided for it to be rebuilt and during this past year the building is completed.
This school is a great benefit to the teenagers of St. Vincent. Pastor Noel Clarke holds a very close personal relationship with the Ministry of Education. They fully endorse the school and pay for salaries for the teachers. The school is a strong blessing to the community.
The problem was that the school could not be held until school desks became available. Last June GEMS located desks and in cooperation with Seeds International shipped them from Alberta in August. The used desks were free, but shipping cost $8400.
To get the desks to the school as quickly as possible, we shipped the container before the funds were raised.
Please consider helping with this need.


We are in great need of two new or near new laptop computers to be used for office work and for traveling to promote the work of GEMS. If you can contribute finances or the actual computers, it would significantly help us both in administration effectiveness and in sharing what GEMS is doing around the world.

Chileans look to GEMS for help

The Chilean Emergency Committee in Vancouver, BC has asked GEMS and our team of volunteers to help with aid to their earthquake and tsunami stricken country. The local communities in Vancouver and Victoria are setting up temporary collection depots and organizing fundraisers. In addition to funds, the following goods are needed: non perishable food (should have at least 6 months of shelf life), baby formula, medical supplies, diapers for adults and babies, blankets, tents, sleeping bags, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, home tools (including nails & screws), kitchen utensils in working order, winter clothing in good shape, school supplies, toys, power generators.

These goods will be brought together and shipped from our Langley depot.

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