Report from Daniel Sladariu – Romania

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We received a report from Daniel Sladariu in Romania of a container that GEMS sent from the Langley depot to Ploiestei Romania.  The container was received in 2014 by Dan Sladariu of Fundatia Samanteanul Milos Foundation.

“We have been busy this two weeks unloading & distributing the container. In the town of Plopeni, the Senior’s Home which we are Partners with received enough soup mix to last them one year. Boldesti Gypsy village. These people are very poor. Seventy five children are being fed a good meal each school day, and their grades are improving as a result of not being too hungry to pay attention! Very much thanks to you and appreciation for what you are doing for their village!

Valeni de Munte village received a big share of supplies. There are many large and poor families there. The Baptists who have an orphanage with fifty abandoned children are so grateful that you are helping them every month to feed all the hungry mouths, and clothe these dear children. This work has been going for several years and is made possible by your supplies of food, clothing, medicines, educational materials and many other goods.

Alin Panea – director of the Broshten Orphanage of 100 children is our Partner. They received some supplies from another charity, and shared nearly a ton of rice with us. Thus, we are able to include rice, vegetable, & meat with our daily meals for multitudes of very needy children!

Marcel – Director of Our Home for Abandoned Senior’s says a special thanks for the woolen, knitted slippers!

What a blessing for these seniors to have warm feet!”

Daniel Sladariu

slippers orphan

Container for Nicaragua

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A container sent from our Langley depot early May recently arrived in Nicaragua.

The container took some time to be delivered as it was held up in customs. Near the end of July they were able to open the container and begin to distribute the material.

Pastor Emanuel Aguirre oversaw the distribution. With the help of Pastor Rivera and Pastor Madrigal they brought sewing machines to widows and single mothers, medical equipment to the Rehabilitation Hospital, and food and clothing to many poor people in and around the area of Managua.

Family receiving clothing

Family receiving clothing

Unloading Container

Unloading Container

Many sewing machines have been donated.

Many sewing machines have been donated.

Along with medical equipment there was opportunity to pray for the patients at the hospital

Along with medical equipment there was opportunity to pray for the patients at the hospital

Items being distributed to other communities

Items being distributed to other communities

Medical equipment for a local hospital

Medical equipment for a local hospital

In need of clothing and shoes

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We are in need of clothing donations. We have worked out a deal with a trucking company who is willing to pick-up donations from various cities throughout British Columbia.

What we are looking for are individuals or groups who are willing to help collect clothing and package them up so that a pick-up can be arranged and delivered to our Langley depot.

If you are able and willing to take an active part in this incredible organization we would love to hear from you. We will help you get started and make all the arrangements for the collection and delivery to Langley.

Please contact us by e-mail:

Container Begins Journey to Uganda

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On October 9, 2011 a ship set sail from the Port of Vancouver carrying with it a container to be delivered to Kampala Uganda. The materials on this shipment are for a very special purpose, to support the children of the Watoto Children’s Choir. The Choir tours throughout the world to raise awareness and funds to support orphan children in Africa.

Rubber mats being delivered

The container was loaded at our Langley facility and is filled with rubber mats, clothing, filing cabinets, blankets, school supplies, medical equipment, sewing machines and other equipment. Many of these items were supplied by GEMS while others were brought in from Salmon Arm and Victoria. The container, which was generously donated by Big Steel Box Co., was filled by the men of Wagner Hills recovery home.
To learn more about the Watoto Children’s Choir and the work they are doing in Kampala Uganda visit their web site: Watoto Children’s Choir

Filling container for Uganda

Container Sent to Zambia

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A container destined for Zambia was loaded on September 24, 2011 and will depart the port of Vancouver on October 9, 2011. This shipment is a joint effort by the Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry through GEMS and for Grace Academy. It will sail across the Pacific through Asia and land at Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania – which indecently means “harbour of peace”. From there it will be trucked to Lusaka, Zambia and then on to N’dola for unloading.

The 40 foot container, which was donated by Big Steel Box Company of Abbotsford, is filled with: educational supplies, clothing and building materials for the new facility and home for HIV infected children erected by the Grace Academy and will land there near the end of December 2011.

For more information please go to;

Blessing Guatemala

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Kim Weiler of Fe Viva World Missions share this report from Guatamala:

We had a community blessing day November 23rd. About 200 people were blessed
with clothing, shoes, food and prayer during what we call “Community
blessing day” at Fe Viva.  It was a lot of fun and a lot of blessing to many
very poor families.

Earthquake Victims Say Thank You

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After receiving food, clothing, toys, shoes, household goods and medical supplies, residents of El Monte, Chile show their gratitude to their friends in Canada!

Chileans eagerly pickup needed clothing

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Residents in El Monte, Chile come to pickup clothing, toys and shoes sent from GEMS Langley warehouse in cooperation with the Chilean emergency Committee in Vancouver, BC.

Volunteers unload aid for Chile

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Volunteers worked hard to unload the container of aid sent by GEMS from Canada. Clothing, food, household goods and medical supplies were trucked by more volunteers to points of need up to 500 km away.

Help Arrives for Chile

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Chile, aid, food, earthquake, supplies
On Thursday, July 15, 40 volunteers left El Monte, Chile to travel through the night to Lota, a small city of 45,000 devastated by the earthquake of late February and subsequent looting. Arriving at 6 AM the volunteers went to work immediately and worked tirelessly for three long days until climbing aboard the bus Sunday evening, they once again travelled through the night to their homes and to be back at work the next morning.

One of the primary tasks of that team of volunteers was to distribute the aid sent by GEMS in cooperation with the local Chilean community to the needy people in that region. Excerpts from the report filed by the team follow:

we left… by municipal bus, travelling about 10 hrs., but no matter, since the group had tremendous enthusiasm…. On arrival at the meeting place in Lota, at nearly 06:00 hrs., our contact brother was waiting with hot soup prepared by the sisters of the local church together with its Pastor, it was a blessing to be there, the low temperature didn’t matter, nor the strong wind that was blowing, nor even that the place awaiting us was social housing, the important thing was that we had arrived to fulfill the purpose of God for humanity; to bless them.

… One of the most moving visits we made that morning was to “las Cabañas” which consisted of a great many families who had been brought here after the earthquake. The houses were half-full of jars of water brought by the government to the affected families.

There we fulfilled our mission of aid, seeing the needs & how happy the children were to receive a toy, a doll or teddy bear, where children went door to door seeking articles of clothing for small brothers & sisters, never mind for themselves, where pregnant women did likewise to have clothes for their baby-to-be.

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