Container Sent to Zambia

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A container destined for Zambia was loaded on September 24, 2011 and will depart the port of Vancouver on October 9, 2011. This shipment is a joint effort by the Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry through GEMS and for Grace Academy. It will sail across the Pacific through Asia and land at Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania – which indecently means “harbour of peace”. From there it will be trucked to Lusaka, Zambia and then on to N’dola for unloading.

The 40 foot container, which was donated by Big Steel Box Company of Abbotsford, is filled with: educational supplies, clothing and building materials for the new facility and home for HIV infected children erected by the Grace Academy and will land there near the end of December 2011.

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Sewing in Guatemala

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Our recent shipment to Guatemala contained boxes of fabric and notions as well as sewing machines for use at Casa Esparanza. Recently a team from Kindersley, Saskatchewan went to help at the home for rescued and orphaned children. Janea, daughter of the home directors shared this report:

This past week we had a team come down from Canada. On that team was a lady named Ramona who came down to teach all the older girls of Casa Esperanza sewing. It was truly a blessing to have her come down and teach the girls something that could be used in future as a way to earn money. They still have lots to learn, but they pick up fast and have learned a lot in the past week. The project they made was a bag to put all their sewing supplies in . All the supplies were given from Ramona and her church. It was a long process as the girls picked out material and used there creativity to decorate their bag . They are very proud of the work they did , and are really blessed to get know and spend time with Ramona . While she was here , we all had lots of laughs and in the end some tears as it is always hard to get to know someone who is truly amazing and then say goodbye. I enjoyed spending more time with the girls as they sewed every morning and afternoon for a week . I was also sewing , and Romana was teaching me a bit more how to read patterns so that i could teach the girls when she is gone. I also helped her translate when she needed me, but most of the time she did really good with the girls in comunicating with them. I was really impressed with her openess and her patience she had with each and everyone of the girls. I included some photos of the girls and there bags .

Blessing Guatemala

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Kim Weiler of Fe Viva World Missions share this report from Guatamala:

We had a community blessing day November 23rd. About 200 people were blessed
with clothing, shoes, food and prayer during what we call “Community
blessing day” at Fe Viva.  It was a lot of fun and a lot of blessing to many
very poor families.

Chileans eagerly pickup needed clothing

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Residents in El Monte, Chile come to pickup clothing, toys and shoes sent from GEMS Langley warehouse in cooperation with the Chilean emergency Committee in Vancouver, BC.

Volunteers unload aid for Chile

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Volunteers worked hard to unload the container of aid sent by GEMS from Canada. Clothing, food, household goods and medical supplies were trucked by more volunteers to points of need up to 500 km away.

Desks for St. Vincent

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Layou Vocational School was started by Pastor Noel Clarke in Layou, St. Vincent about 20 years ago. His goal was to provide vocational training for teenagers throughout the island. Many of the students had difficulty with High School and were not able to continue through to a university education. This school prepares the student to enter the workforce and be self-sufficient in years to come.
Over time the original metal structure became unusable. Two years ago the school was closed, but God graciously provided for it to be rebuilt and during this past year the building is completed.
This school is a great benefit to the teenagers of St. Vincent. Pastor Noel Clarke holds a very close personal relationship with the Ministry of Education. They fully endorse the school and pay for salaries for the teachers. The school is a strong blessing to the community.
The problem was that the school could not be held until school desks became available. Last June GEMS located desks and in cooperation with Seeds International shipped them from Alberta in August. The used desks were free, but shipping cost $8400.
To get the desks to the school as quickly as possible, we shipped the container before the funds were raised.
Please consider helping with this need.

Chileans look to GEMS for help

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The Chilean Emergency Committee in Vancouver, BC has asked GEMS and our team of volunteers to help with aid to their earthquake and tsunami stricken country. The local communities in Vancouver and Victoria are setting up temporary collection depots and organizing fundraisers. In addition to funds, the following goods are needed: non perishable food (should have at least 6 months of shelf life), baby formula, medical supplies, diapers for adults and babies, blankets, tents, sleeping bags, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, home tools (including nails & screws), kitchen utensils in working order, winter clothing in good shape, school supplies, toys, power generators.

These goods will be brought together and shipped from our Langley depot.

Supporting Displaced Myanmar People

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Exact numbers are difficult, but it is estimated that there are well over 300,000 Myanmar refugees living in northern Thailand. These people who have fled the military regime in Burma must survive the constant threat of armed raids, and deplorable living conditions. They face discrimination with no basic human rights protection.

A shipment of household goods, clothing and educational material has just departed our warehouse for northern Thailand.