Needs in Chile and Haiti

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When earthquakes struck Haiti and Chile last year, GEMS was able to send much needed supplies. As time passes, the attention of the world drifts, but dire needs still remain. We’ve been asked to send a container to each country. All the goods have been donated and collected. We are waiting for partners to finance the transportation. We need $7000 for each container, a total of $14,000.

More photos from Haiti

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These photos just begin to express the joy and excitement people experience as they unpack the aid and supplies. As we work together, we can make a difference to people struggling in seemingly hopeless circumstances. Thanks for helping us to help others.
Rod and Deb Wray are on the ground in Haiti and write:

We are very excited to have received the container!  It has been unloaded and everything is great. The bicycles are beautiful and we have already assembled and tried out more than a dozen. The clothes and shoes are excellent and we already did a very organized distribution to all the school kids at the camp.   (We have a lot of clothes to distribute still). The skateboards, scooters, generators, pumps and basketball / volleyball posts and equipment are great. It is funny how things are so much more special once they arrive here in Haiti.

More help arrives in Haiti

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dolls bring joy in the midst of devastation

Thanks to the wonderful generosity of Dallas Baptist Church in Kamloops, BC, much need supplies are being distributed in Haiti. It is so exciting to see the faces of the Haitian people and on-site workers as they unload this container we sent in cooperation with Harvest International.

Supplies arrive in Haiti

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Our first shipment of soup, tent and tarps has arrived in Port au Prince. UN escort accompanied the supplies from port in the Dominican Republic. Starfish Ministries which has ben working in Haiti for almost 13 years will be our agent in the distribution of these much needed supplies.

Soup for Haiti

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January 22, 2010

container being loaded at Heppel’s Farm in Surrey

The news is full of images of the devastation caused by the earthquake in Haiti. These are real people with real needs. Thanks to the incredible response of our supporters, donors and volunteers, we’ve been able to help. Our first container load containing 1.1 million servings of soup mix plus tents and tarps is on its way. Thanks to East West Express which trucked the container free of charge to Montreal on the first leg of its journey. Because of the lack of port facilities in Haiti, the container will is going to the Dominican republic and from there will be trucked to Port au Prince.

Urgent Need in Haiti

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January 15, 2010
As most of you are aware of already, a major earthquake struck the capital of Haiti earlier this week, causing tremendous damage, chaos and hardship for the people there.  The latest estimate is that approximately 60% of all houses are in ruins or severely damaged and no less than 50.000 people may have died already with many more wounded and homeless without food and shelter.  Rescue teams from around the world are working frantically around the clock to help as best they can.

(see news links for further information):
CBC News
BBC News

Yesterday GEMS got a call from an organization in Vancouver already working in Haiti asking for help.  And today we also got a call from another organization in the Kamloops area with a similar request.   Both of these organizations have workers already on the ground in Haiti who fortunately were spared.  But according to them the situation is just horrible as so many people have died while others are wandering the streets aimlessly without any water, food or shelter.  The roads are also impassable especially to the outlying areas where these organizations work, and anxiety and fear are growing rapidly.

We at GEMS want to respond to this plea and as a result we will be working with these and other organizations already established there by sending aid to Haiti as soon as possible. Our aid package includes two 40-foot cargo containers with emergency relief goods such as construction material, food, clothing and medical supplies.  We will also be shipping PUR water solutions to purify the already contaminated water in the city of Port Au Prince and surrounding areas.

In order to do this we need your help.  First, please pray for the well-being of all the Canadian and international workers there as well as all the many nationals that are now suffering in Haiti.  Second, please help us with funds that are necessary to ship those containers and other aid that we plan to send to Haiti.  Third, we will also need non perishable food such as dehydrated soup mix, rice, powered milk, medical supplies and more.

What we need most at this point are the funds for shipping. For every dollar donated by individuals in Canada marked for humanitarian relief in Haiti the Canadian government has promised to match that gift with an equal amount.   Please help us to meet these needs as the situation is very dire.