Container arriving in Tanzania

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A container that was shipped in the middle of November from Penticton is due to arrive in the port city of Dar El Salaam, Tanzania on January 21, 2013. It will be transported to it’s final destination of Kahama in the northern area of Tanzania a week later.

This container is in cooperation with One Person Project organization, in Penticton BC. It is filled with medical equipment/supplies and education material. We will provide pictures as they are made available.

Container Sent to Zambia

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A container destined for Zambia was loaded on September 24, 2011 and will depart the port of Vancouver on October 9, 2011. This shipment is a joint effort by the Seeds of Hope Children’s Ministry through GEMS and for Grace Academy. It will sail across the Pacific through Asia and land at Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania – which indecently means “harbour of peace”. From there it will be trucked to Lusaka, Zambia and then on to N’dola for unloading.

The 40 foot container, which was donated by Big Steel Box Company of Abbotsford, is filled with: educational supplies, clothing and building materials for the new facility and home for HIV infected children erected by the Grace Academy and will land there near the end of December 2011.

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Chileans look to GEMS for help

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The Chilean Emergency Committee in Vancouver, BC has asked GEMS and our team of volunteers to help with aid to their earthquake and tsunami stricken country. The local communities in Vancouver and Victoria are setting up temporary collection depots and organizing fundraisers. In addition to funds, the following goods are needed: non perishable food (should have at least 6 months of shelf life), baby formula, medical supplies, diapers for adults and babies, blankets, tents, sleeping bags, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, home tools (including nails & screws), kitchen utensils in working order, winter clothing in good shape, school supplies, toys, power generators.

These goods will be brought together and shipped from our Langley depot.

Thanks from Zimbabwe

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We give to others as an expression of the love that God has poured into our hearts. We recognize that we are stewards of the comparative wealth we have in North America and desire to use what we have been blessed with to bless others. Hearing from and witnessing the joy of those who receive is a blessing back to us.

An email was passed on to us from Rev. Apphia Manjoro who is coordinating the distribution of supplies we sent to Harare, Zimbabwe. It is included below along with a few of the other messages of thankfulness:

Dear Mother Genaral, Rev. A. Manjoro
Greetings in the name of the Almighty from all at Silveira Hospital!
We have prepared a menu for our HIV/AIDS patients. Every lunch we give
them 150ml soup, and 150ml at dinner for 4 weeks. Among the
beneficiaries, five of the patients gained weight by 20kg, ten gained
21.5kg and 43 gained 25.2kg. The CD4 count also increased from an
average 162 to 683.
After receiving soup and dried apples from you, we learnt that it is
important to keep the essential food list in mind when planning our
menu. We discovered that from the soup given to us people are getting
different vitamins and minerals. these include Vitamin A, Vitamin B
and Vitamin C, as well as minerals like calcium, iron, selenium and
fibre. Proteins such as are in cowpeas were also identified, as well
as carbohydrates.
We discovered that most of our patients are recovering faster. We
thank and praise God for showing his healing power through this
Thank you.
Yours in Christ,
Sr T.V. Chabata

Water and Food for Zimbabwe

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Zimbabwe is a country standing on the brink of two decades of turmoil. Imagine hyperinflation reaching well over 200 million percent and an unemployment rate conservatively estimated at 80 percent.

We’ve facilitated three shipments to Zimbabwe to ease the suffering and poverty there.

The first has already arrived. It contains 250,000 water purification packet. Each packet can purify 10 litres of water in under 30 minutes at a cost of less than a penny a litre. That means $40 can provide clean drinking water to an entire family for one year. For this shipment we are working in partnership with Pure Compassion Ministries. Mercy Air flew the packets into Harare from Malawi.

Two other shipments are en route by sea and should arrive in two to three months. One was shipped from Norfolk, Nebraska in partnership with Orphan Grain Train. It contains 300,000 meals of a nutrient enriched rice along with clothing and medical supplies. Another container was sent from our Langley, BC warehouse. We packed it full of 420,000 meals of soup from the Fraser Valley Gleaners along with clothing, educational material and medical equipment.