Report from Daniel Sladariu – Romania

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We received a report from Daniel Sladariu in Romania of a container that GEMS sent from the Langley depot to Ploiestei Romania.  The container was received in 2014 by Dan Sladariu of Fundatia Samanteanul Milos Foundation.

“We have been busy this two weeks unloading & distributing the container. In the town of Plopeni, the Senior’s Home which we are Partners with received enough soup mix to last them one year. Boldesti Gypsy village. These people are very poor. Seventy five children are being fed a good meal each school day, and their grades are improving as a result of not being too hungry to pay attention! Very much thanks to you and appreciation for what you are doing for their village!

Valeni de Munte village received a big share of supplies. There are many large and poor families there. The Baptists who have an orphanage with fifty abandoned children are so grateful that you are helping them every month to feed all the hungry mouths, and clothe these dear children. This work has been going for several years and is made possible by your supplies of food, clothing, medicines, educational materials and many other goods.

Alin Panea – director of the Broshten Orphanage of 100 children is our Partner. They received some supplies from another charity, and shared nearly a ton of rice with us. Thus, we are able to include rice, vegetable, & meat with our daily meals for multitudes of very needy children!

Marcel – Director of Our Home for Abandoned Senior’s says a special thanks for the woolen, knitted slippers!

What a blessing for these seniors to have warm feet!”

Daniel Sladariu

slippers orphan

Thrilled Romanians Receive Food and Supplies

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Smiling-childrenIt is hard to express the joy of seeing the smiling faces of children who have received a hot meal where there is not much else for them to smile about.
Last September we sent a container from our Langley depot to help an orphanage in Romania. The children were not the only ones to be blessed with warm food and clothing, seniors and many others benefited from this shipment
The container arrived in time to distribute the warm clothing before the on set of very cold weather. It came to the town of Ploiesti, Romania; this is about half hour drive north of the capital city Bucharest. From there it was distributed to several communities in the area for seniors homes, orphanages, hospitals, homeless and to families in need.
This container is part of an ongoing effort in the area by GEMS through several ministries to bring relief to the motherless and the widows, seeing to the needs of those that have very little.

unloading  seniors-home orphans orphanage-unloading making-soup homeless-seniors


Soup Mix

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We have received five skids of soup mix from Prairie Gleaners Society in Medicine Hat Alberta. This is our first shipment from Prairie Gleaners and we look forward to working with them in the coming months. The skids along with a number of bicycles were transported by our friends at East West Express.

They will be loaded onto a container bound for Romania this month; the container will land in Romania in late October. Winter ski suits donated by Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort will also be included.

Indi unloading soup mix

Indi unloading soup mix

Update on Romania container

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The container we sent to Romania and was held up in customs due to medical equipment regulations has been re-routed to Moldova a small country to the north east of Romania and is expected to arrive on Monday February, 27. After a lot of paper work and many phone calls it seems to be near completion. It will be received in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

Container Troubles in Romania

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A container that was sent on October 27, 2011 has been delayed due to custom regulations in Romania. It was to go to Crihalma (Brasov region) for Albert Enns. It arrived in early January and was due to clear customs by the 9th. However, upon arrival we were made aware of new import rules concerning medical equipment.

Two weeks ago we were given the choices to either destroy the equipment, have the container sent back to Canada or find another country to take the supplies. Given the cost of these choices we have decided to send it to Cahul in Moldova, a small country bordering Romania. Currently it is in the port city of Constanta, Romania and we are hoping that it will be released tomorrow, (February, 3).

This is an example of some of the many problems that can arise when shipping containers overseas. The cost is not limited to the shipment but can run thousands of dollars over in these cases. Please continue to pray that the doors will be open for this one to make it safely to a place it can be used. Our next container will also be sent to Romania, pray that it will not experience the troubles of our latest shipment.
constanta, port city of romania

Thanks from Romania

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The second container of much needed supplies has arrived in Romania. Albert Enns who is handling the distribution of the goods shares this report:

Finally the day came for the [first] container to arrive. It was a huge event in our little village to see such a big truck delivering goods and then to have a crane lift the container off the wheels and set it on the ground! For the villagers it was more exciting than anything that had happened here in a long while! Adding to the excitement was the fact that we had just had a severe winter storm –well – severe for us and so the roads were icy making the small corners difficult to maneuver so that the crane had to pull the truck backwards to get it out of our small crescent!

…Then the task of distributing all the aid… [I] was on the road for several weeks, put on many miles, but made many hospitals, orphanages, and churches very happy and thankful for God’s provisions in a time when resources are extremely difficult to come by.

The ship carrying our [second] container was involved in an accident – at sea – just days before it was to arrive in Constanta! The ship was so badly damaged that it had to be unloaded and all containers loaded onto another ship.

This time it had rained so bad that the truck could not make it into our corner and we had to unload the container onto wagons behind tractors which delivered it to our yard. Once again, the village turned out to watch, this time able to see close up what was being delivered!

Storms at Sea

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On February 11, we loaded a container of clothing, food and computers bound for Romania. The container should arrive any time, but we’ve been informed that the ship containing it encountered a heavy storm in the middle of the Atlantic. As far as we knew, all crew are safe , but we’ve been informed that there was some damage to cargo. We do not yet know if our container was damaged.

Warm Clothes Arrive in Romania

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On February 3, our November shipment to Romania arrived in Crihalma (small village just outside of Brasov), Romania and was unloaded the next day. The shipment included food, clothing, computers and medical equipment. Albert Enns who is coordinating distribution sent these photographs.

Clothing and Supplies to Romania

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The truck is just pulling away with a load of clothing and supplies destined for Romania. The clothing was collected, sorted and compressed into bales in our Langley warehouse and should arrive in Crihalma (small village just outside of Brasov), Romania in early February.